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When you face following situation your crucial data may lost or gets inaccessible.

  • Accidental & Sudden Turn Off of your computer system.
  • You found that you hard ware gives clicking noise at startup.
  • Virus Attacks & Trojan Attacks.
  • Hard drive failures.
  • Storage Media Corruptions.
  • Hardware & system Malfunction.


Statistics about leading causes of Computer crash


Computer File Recovery

Widely use of computer leads to rapid growth of use of electronically data documents by end users for personal and commercial purposes etc. As a result risk of data loss and data disaster arises, as a result need for Computer File Recovery rapidly grows in recent years. Computer File Recovery is a process of recovery of vital data or files & folders from crashed computer system.

Data loss can happen in many ways. Computers may gets crashed due to one of the most common causes that is physical failure of the media, where the data is locally stored on. The data probably saved on your PCs hard drive. That hard drive or the computer system will not live forever. Hard Disk or a whole Computer system crash creates hurdles and hardships to the continuity to the business. You may loose your personal data, family photos, pictures, official documents, confidential letters etc due to faulty Storage System.

Backup all your important data before installing any drivers. Wrong or buggy drivers can turn a running computer into a doorstop.

We are fully aware and familiar with the structure and type of all major operating system and their file system type and it includes following data recovery services for many years. we recover data from all kinds of Operating systems

  • Windows (95/ 98/ME/XP/2000/2003), 

  • Linux (RedHat / Mandrake / Turbo/ SuSe / Debian / Ubuntu ),

  • Novell (Traditional and NSS volumes),

  • Mac (Apple Mac OS X/Apple Mac OS 9.x and higher) and

  • Solaris (Sparc and Intel), Unix(SCO Open Server, BSD)etc.

We provide data recovery solution using effective range of data recovery services, software tools for many years. We can recover every trace of lost from the above list of Operating System and many more....

Some Real Facts

Even when you tend to perform computer to computer backup every night, you loose data. You never imagined that your crucial backup file is open for vulnerable things such as virus attacks, corruption etc. Your backup files also tends to get damaged by virus, trojan attacks and then will find your data inaccessible, missing or lost from your computers and servers even you backed up regularly your data.

RAID configurations only protects you from hardware failures not from data corruption because RAID itself got corrupted due to viruses and many other reasons

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